Kyla (kibby_muffin) wrote in furuba_hush,

Week 79: Free Choice Submission Post

Free Choice
Icons submitted: 9

I figured a free choice theme would be a good way to start out. (: Go nuts.
Tiny text is allowed as long as it's unreadable.

- You are allowed to submit up to TWO (2) icons for this theme.
- No cross-submitting icons. The same icon cannot be participating in more than one icontest.
- Do not post your icon(s) publically before winners are announced! Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Community icon by: riyuji

Deadline: Saturday, March 1st @ 6pm EST
This gives you guys plently of time to start submitting! Late entries are accepted up until voting is posted.

PLEASE READ! I will be requiring an 8 icon minimum before I post voting. This means, if we do not get eight icons by the deadline, there will be an extention until a suitable number is reached... or it's obvious we're not going to meet it. =/ I will be keeping a tally on this post. (: Hope this helps raise activity!

Have fun!
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