Kyla (kibby_muffin) wrote in furuba_hush,

New Mod!

Hey, I'm your new mod, kibby_muffin!
You guys may have noticed that the community has gone belly-up lately. ^^; I'll do my best to fix this by posting challenges and reminders regularly, to the best of my ability. However, I do have a couple request for you guys!

Bannermakers: Please comment here if you'd like to continue making banners. I will be making a log of banners due and help out myself whenever possible (starting by making week 78). I am also looking for new bannermakers! Feel free to comment here if interested.

Current Maintainers: orlandogirl & cynni, if you two are still interested in being mods, please comment. Hopefully we can work out a rotation and whatnot.

I believe that's it. Over the course of the next couple weeks, I'll be trying to familiarize myself with the community a little better and try to get everything a little more organized. The new challenge will be posted shortly. I hope we get a good number of entries. ♥ Thanks!
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